SGP BioEnergy is an integrated bioenergy products development company generating impactful global solutions for a net zero economy.

Our development projects leverage existing infrastructure and skilled labor as we easily integrate into local communities to produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), renewable diesel, renewable propane, electricity generation, and net zero e-fuels. The company executes its operations through an intelligent and integrated system of best-in-class strategic alliances using only best practices in technology, engineering, construction, and operations globally.

Meet our Team of thought leaders, industry change makers, and energy experts.

Randy Delbert LeTang

“A sustainable future begins with bold, dynamic and collaborative effort… driven by dedicated, like-minded people…working to empower, enhance and enable people and technology for the benefit of all.”

As founder, Randy serves as president and CEO, effectively overseeing all global bioenergy business strategies, supply chain development, and execution.  Randy is a first-generation, Caribbean-born entrepreneur, financier, and operator recognized as a seasoned executive providing vision, strategic direction, and tactical implementation for launching, growing, and re-positioning high-potential start-ups and mature companies.  He serves in an advisory role at the United Nations as Global Envoy at the Institute for Conscious Global Change (ICGC), an international non-profit organization specializing in providing mapping and spatial modeling services for governments and agencies around the world designed to meet the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) specifically 7 and 17 as outlined by the United Nations.

Randy’s 25+ years of service to a host of senior-level executives and strategic relationships have allowed him to assemble a global rolodex across many verticals, with a focal point on impact and policy development industries. He is a leading strategist focused on conceiving, developing, and executing the strategies and initiatives that drive revenue, growth, competitive market positioning, profits, and shareholder value. Throughout his career, Randy has earned a track record of success in managing complex business initiatives in niche and emerging industries.

Mariano Rivera

Director & Special Advisor to the CEO

Mark A. Carson

Global Head of CarbonTrading and Risk Management

Sherrie L. Lodge

Managing Director, Special Projects

Tamara Spinner Zachery

Chief Marketing Officer

Otto Reich

Special Advisor to the CEO

Suhas Mengale

Special Advisor to the CEO

Jeremy Walker

Managing Director of
Government Relations

Lauren Lodge

Communications Manager

Our Activation Partners

We are proud to collaborate with leading organizations across the globe, forging partnerships that innovate and advance the bioenergy sector. Together, we’re committed to sustainable energy solutions that benefit our communities and the planet.

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